How to Erase All Data on iPhone 6/6S Permanently

"I am tired of the blocked iPhone 6 becuase of lack of internal storage. I free up space of my iPhone 6 per week, but the system messages of lack of space appear frquently. I want to make a complete cleaning of my phone, but I can't figure out which items are useful or not patiently. So, I yearn for some tools which can help me delete data quickly and professionally."

Honestly, there are many data erser softwares in the intelligent market, but what we recommend to you is the best one. That is iPhone Data Eraser. iPhone Data Eraser is able to delete contacts, messages, call logs, pictures, videos and other files on your iPhone 6/6S (Plus). In another word, iPhone Data Eraser can ease all data permanently and make your device like brand new. In addition, it is fully compatible with almost all iPhone and iPad devices, as well as the latest iOS 10/iOS 9.3.1, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Pro and more.


Steps to Erase All Data on iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus/6S Plus Permanently

Step 1. Launch iPhone Data Eraser on the Computer

Download and install iPhone Data Eraser on the computer to make preparation. Then launch it properly on your computer. Next, please connect your iPhone 6/6S to the computer via USB cable.

iPhone Data Eraser will recognize the connected device immediately, and you can see five main options, "Erase All Data" and the storage details of your device later.

Tips: The data deleted by this program are never available after the deletion, so please backup the data you want from your device previously.

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Step 2. Wipe All Data on Your iPhone

Choose "Erase All Data" to enter the deletion. Then on the new window, please type "delete" into the text box in order to confirm the decision of deletion.

After that, click on "Erase Now"  button to begin deleting all data on your iPhone 6/6S.

When the process is finish, the data are deleted completely and permanently.

Notice: 1. Please close all background Apps, such as music. 2. Please wait for any updates to be completed, if there are any running on the device.


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